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Needing to store your furniture and not sure how to start the project?

Storing valuables like furniture requires a bit of planning. Since furniture is made of wood, you’ll want to take note of temperature, humidity and scratch protection for your furnishings.

You’ll save space if you can dismantle furniture such as beds and tables before you store it in a self-storage facility. Just make sure you keep hold of all the bits so you can get it all back together again!

Wrap and cover furniture sections and keep them together, clearly marked, for quick retrieval. You can put components such as screws and bolts together in a plastic bag, mark them clearly and tape to the relevant piece of furniture.

Store large pieces of furniture vertically to save space in the facility.

It’s pretty simple when you keep it simple and plan ahead:

  • Dismantle your furniture before you truck it over to the storage unit
  • Collect and contain all your fixtures, screws, attachment hardware and keep it associated with the furnishings
  • Wrap and protect your dismantled furniture. Clearly label the wrapped items.
  • Store your large pieces of furniture vertically to save space and make it easier to maneuver around your unit.

Make sure to ask your self-storage for recommendations on the availability of climate-controlled units if you live in an environment where local temperatures could negatively affect your belongings.

Contact us at A&W if you need expert advice on the best unit and size for your furnishings when it comes time to store them!


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